I can help you stay ahead of change and technology development in the main areas of digital marketing:


How to be on the first page, find proper keywords, link building strategy and always in a Google friendly way.


SEO is completely free but it takes more time. However, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a paid way to boost your website visibility and promote products and/or services


Creating a Facebook campaign is simple, but reaching an audience that will convert is harder, That's why we have to understand who our audience is and what is the proper way to reach and convert it.

Web Analytics

Why web analytics are important? To let us know where and what did our user do before on our website, what caught his interest etc. Why is it important for us to know this? Because we want to give our customer relevant information and help him finish the process of purchase.


Reach your audience with stunning pictures, stories, videos. Learn what is the right way to connect and use "influencer" to reach audience and use ads.


Learn how to enhance your chances to connect and gain more leads on LinkedIn.